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The Play

 Family Event

 Buffalo, NY

May 14, 2016



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Are you looking for tips and advice on how to support social emotional learning at home, or finding out about the Peaceful Schools program that your child may be participating in?

Are you looking for resources to support Social Emotional Education in your classroom or Peaceful Schools programming
that is happening
in your school?

Are you looking for training or programming for your school, or interested in finding resources to share with your staff to support social emotional education in your building or district?

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We are committed to providing schools and communities the tools and techniques to support socially safe
and supportive environments.

Our programs, products and services are developed to promote a caring school community that engages students and staff in creating a positive social climate. Learning to problem solve is a cornerstone to becoming an effective adult. Our model provides students with the skills and techniques to learn how to problem solve independently, including how to seek adult assistance through mediation and social skill support if a problem feels too big or is getting worse.